Management Policies

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Sustaining the growth of properties is the result of an effective maintenance and marketing program. Each of our clients has unique requirements, and an effective management or sales plan must be personalized to meet those needs. We are here to help you with your real estate needs and build a client relationship with you based on your specific needs. Each of the members within our Keller Williams Realty Professional Partners’ team is a licensed REALTOR®, and together, we have over 50 years of real estate experience.


A professional property management program can prove invaluable to the protection and appreciation of your investments. Our firm provides such a program to you. We understand the management needs of properties like yours. We recognize that each client has unique requirements and that a truly effective management plan should be personalized to those needs.


  1. Protection of your property
  2. Appreciation of your property


  1. Qualifying Tenants: The Property Manager shall use all reasonable efforts to lease the property as described to desirable tenants. Property Manager shall follow preset guidelines for qualifying potential tenants. (Please see attached rental qualifications.)
  2. Rent Collections: The Property Manager shall take all reasonable and necessary action to collect rents, charges or other income when due from tenants of said property in accordance with the terms of their tenancies and may execute all receipts or other documents reflecting receipt of said sums on behalf of the owner. Property Manager will file all notices on behalf of owner for non-payment of rent, coordinate with our attorney for the filing of court documents and attend all necessary court appearances.
  3. Trust Account: All sums received from rents, supplies & services from the property shall be deposited in a “trust account” maintained by the Broker. The Property Manager will submit to the Owner a monthly statement of receipts and disbursements. Disbursements may include miscellaneous repairs, commissions and management fees.
  4. Statements: The Property Manager shall maintain full and accurate records of the accounts of the property. Property Manager shall supply the owners with a detailed monthly statement. Said monthly statement shall be deemed accurate and correct between the parties unless owner notifies Property Manager within (30) days after the date of said statement of any claimed error or inaccuracy. In the event there is a deficit in the account of the property, Property Manager shall notify the Owner of the amount of this deficiency, and Owner agrees to forward this amount to the Property Manager within (24) hours’ notice. Property Manager shall provide Owner with an annual statement and a 1099 no later than February 15 of the following year for taxes.
  5. Maintaining Property: The Property Manager shall do everything reasonably necessary for the proper management of the property, including, without limitation thereto, periodic inspections, handling all tenant requests and negotiations,supervision of maintenance and arranging for such improvements, alterations and repairs as may be required of Owner. Property Manager shall obtain approval from Owner for any expenditure for repairs, improvements or work in excess of a predetermined amount according to property management agreement and excluding monthly or recurring operating charges and/or emergency repairs in excess of the maximum, if in the opinion of the Property Manager, such repairs are necessary to prevent additional damage or a greater total expenditure to protect the property from amage or to maintain services and conditions to the tenants as called for by their tenancy. The Property Manager shall notify the Owner promptly whenever emergency repairs have been ordered. Property Managers are available 24 hours a day for emergencies.
  6. Inspections: Property manager(s) will complete a move-in inspection whenever a tenant takes possession and a move-out inspection when tenants leave. Property Manager will complete a drive-by-exterior inspection and an internal inspection as needed. Internal inspections may be completed more frequently if Property Manager suspects potential problems.
  7. Contractors: The Property Manager shall employ, discharge, supervise and pay, on behalf of the Owner, contractors considered by the Property Manager as necessary for the efficient management of the property. Property managers diligently interview all contractors to provide the best possible service for the best possible price. All contractors are licensed and bonded.
  8. Equal Housing Opportunity: We are pledged to the letter and spirit of U.S. policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. We encourage and support an affirmative advertising and marking program with no barriers to obtaining housing for all qualified tenants without reference to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial or handicap status. We adhere to all Arizona Landlord/Tenant laws.
  9. Documentation Duplication: If you need a duplicate copy of any document, it costs as otherwise provided in the property management agreement signed by Owner and Manager or $15 per occurrence for electronic provided by Broker.


  1. Tenants must have a combined gross income of 3 times the monthly rent.
  2. Tenants must have a clean credit report. Any derogatory credit must have a reasonable and verifiable explanation and will have to be cleared with the Owner.
  3. Tenants must have a clean legal report. Any items on the legal report must have a reasonable and verifiable explanation and will have to be cleared with the Owner.
  4. Tenants must have clean and verifiable past rental references (minimum 3 years.)
  5. Any past evictions are grounds for immediate rejection.
  6. All parties over the age of 18 on the lease must fill out and sign an application completely.
  7. We pull credit and legal reports on all tenants. All references will be checked. Falsification of any information on the rental application is grounds for immediate rejection.

Please direct any questions to AGENT at 623-910-3048


A rental application must be signed and processed on all prospective occupants 18 years of age or older. A non-refundable application fee must be paid for each applicant leasing for 31 days or more. All prospective occupants will be qualified on the following four (4) criteria; 1) Income/employment 2) Credit 3) Rental history and 4) Criminal history.

  • All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • All occupants 18 years of age or older must completely fill out & sign a rental application and meet our qualifying criteria.
  • Each occupant, 18 years of age or older, agree to pay a $40 non-refundable application fee.

INCOME/EMPLOYMENT: Gross monthly income must be three (3) times the amount of the monthly rent. Occupants’ income may be combined to meet the requirement. If employment income does not meet the criteria, documentation of other supplemental income must be provided (i.e. savings, stocks/bonds, social security, trust fund income, educational grants, etc.)

  • Employment must be current and verifiable for a minimum of one (1) year.
  • Other verifiable income equaling three (3) times annual monthly rent.
  • Verifiable income includes as confirmed by employer, trust officer, tax returns, or other satisfactory documentation as required.
  • Each roommate should earn 1 ½ times the rent. If one of more roommate(s) do not, at least one roommate must meet the three (3) times requirement.

RESIDENCY: Rental history will be verified for each applicant.

  • Must have a minimum of one (1) year verifiable rental/residence history and
  • No more than (2) late payments in a 12-month period.
  • No more than one (1) NSF in a 12-month period.
  • No non-compliance issues that resulted in non-renewal or eviction

CREDIT: A credit report will be processed on each applicant.

  • All applicants must have at least 75% positive credit.
  • No credit history will be counted as good credit.
  • Bankruptcy over six (6) months old will not be considered.
  • If credit is below 75% positive, the applicant will be required to have a co-signer.
  • Medical, Dental and Student loans will not be taken into account.

CRIMINAL: Charged / Conviction of crime(s) by applicant/occupant.


  • Prior or pending eviction
  • Foreclosures within the past three (3) years with unresolved judgment
  • Monies owed to an apartment community or landlord
  • Bankruptcy in the last six (6) months or pending Bankruptcy
  • Conviction of any crime by applicant/occupant including misdemeanors involving weapons, children, gangs, prostitution, drugs, or violence; juvenile convictions that would have been a felony had the juvenile been an adult; registered sex offenders will be automatically denied.
  • Falsifying information on application If an applicant fails to meet any of the above four (4) criteria, he/she may be asked to pay additional security deposit up to, but not exceeding 1 ½ times the rent or given the option of obtaining a co-signer (who must also meet above criteria.)

If the applicant fails to meet two of the four criteria, applicant will be required to pay full 1 ½ times the month rent in security deposit AND have a co-signer. OWNER WILL BE ASKED TO SIGN OFF OR APPROVE ANY APPLICANTS WITH VARIATIONS TO GUIDELINES.

Equal Opportunity Housing: Keller Williams Realty Professional Partners does not and will not discriminate against any person based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, or sexual orientation


  • Large breeds are classified as over 30 lbs. Small breeds are 30 lbs. and under.
  • Large breeds must be over 5 years of age.
  • Small breeds must be over 2 years of age.
  • Female cats must be fixed and declawed or fixed and outdoor only.

Certain breeds of dogs must be approved by the Owner regardless of age and carry an extra liability policy naming the owner and Keller Williams Realty Professional Partners as added insured parties. These breeds include, but are not limited to: Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman and Chow.

Tenants shall ensure that all pet(s) are well behaved and shall not allow the pet(s) to disturb any other residents or neighbors. Tenant to ensure the pet(s) cause no damage to the property. Tenant agrees the pet(s) shall only be walked on a leash and only in areas so designated by the Owner/Landlord and the homeowners association.

Tenant will be responsible for any and all damages caused by the pet(s) on the property or in the community and will indemnify and hold harmless Owner/Landlord/Management for, from and against any and all claims arising because of the pet(s).

Tenant agrees that the pet(s) will be licensed in accordance with all applicable governmental provisions.





$1000 x 12 mos. = $12000.00 (Gross lease price)



LEASING COMMISSION BREAKDOWN: DUE ONLY WHEN TENANT IS FOUND AND MOVED IN. (This fee charged for new tenants, not existing tenants or extending tenants.)


  • Listing paperwork
  • Advertising fees
  • Sign fees
  • MLS input


This half of the commission is offered out to any licensed real estate agent through the terms listed in the ARMLS agreement you sign. It allows your house to be shown more frequently and rented more quickly, by offering all participating parties a part of the lease commission.


10% OF MONTHLY RENT: $1000.00 x 10% = $100.00

This monthly fee covers includes collection of rent, service of notices, internal inspections, external inspections at least every month, an accounting statement each month of deposits and payments from your account, an end of the year statement along with your 1099 form, collection of late fees, payment from your account of any bills you want us to pay, and balance credited to you by your option of payment: check, direct deposit, or held in management account for later use.


Deposit  $ 1020.00 Rent plus tax (e.g. 2% rental tax-each city differs)
Management fee  $ 100.00 Management
City sales tax  $ 20.00 Rental tax mailed to appropriate taxing authority
Remaining funds  $ 900.00 Mailed/wired to you/applied as you prefer to other bills



  1. All cabinets and drawers need to be wiped down inside and out.
  2. Clean off top of all cabinets.
  3. All appliances must be thoroughly cleaned inside, outside and behind unit, including but not limited to the oven/stove, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Do not use harsh cleansers or abrasive pads on the appliances’ surfaces as it will destroy the finish.
  4. All gasket seals must be cleaned (i.e. stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.)
  5. Ice trays must be cleaned out. If automatic, please dump ice, wash tray and replace.
  6. Water and ice area in door must be cleaned out.
  7. Drip pans, oven racks and hood (top & underneath)/exhaust fan for stove must be cleaned. Replace the vent filter if it cannot be cleaned. Replace any burned out light bulbs in the oven hood.
  8. Garbage disposal must be clean of debris and operating.
  9. Counter tops and sink must be clean. Please remove all hard watermarks, stains, and soap scum.
  10. Floors must be clean. Please pay special attention to corners, under refrigerator and under stove. Be careful not to tear the vinyl flooring when moving any appliance(s).


  1. Tub, shower and sink must be thoroughly cleaned—use disinfectant if necessary. Please remove all hard watermarks, stains and soap scum.
  2. All grout in bathroom must be cleaned and free of mold, mildew, etc.
  3. Toilet must be cleaned inside and out, around and behind. All hard water rings and buildup must be removed even under the rim.
  4. Medicine cabinet must be wiped down inside and out.
  5. Mirrors must be cleaned and free of spots.
  6. Cabinets must be wiped down inside and out.
  7. Exhaust fan and light bulbs/fixtures must be cleaned.
  8. Floor must be clean. Please pay special attention to corners.


All carpets must be professionally cleaned by one of our approved suppliers and a receipt provided or you may have us clean them for you and the cost will be deducted from your deposits. Owners must also have carpets professionally cleaned when moving out or we can do this for you and deduct it from your first month’s rent. Make sure you vacuum thoroughly or the carpet person will charge an extra fee. Nails, coins, etc. that are in the carpet due to moving will break the cleaning machine. Please remove them.


All AC filters must be changed or cleaned if they are permanent. AC filter covers and vent covers are to be cleaned and or vacuumed. If we find an AC unit with an excessively dirty filter, tenants will be charged to have the unit checked by a licensed AC company


  1. All plant shelves and closet shelves must be wiped down and free of dust and debris.
  2. All ceiling fans & light fixtures (including bulbs) must be cleaned & in working order.
  3. Baseboards must be wiped down.
  4. Please brush all walls with broom. No spider webs please.
  5. All nails are to be removed. Please do not patch nail holes. It is easier for our painters to do this.
  6. Please clean top of all doors.
  7. Please clean all windows inside and out. This includes all blinds and window sills. Broken and/or damaged blinds will be charged to the tenant’s security deposit. Dust off all window screens. Repair or replace any damaged window screen. Replace any cracked or broken windows.
  8. Repair or replace any holes behind doors, fractured door frames and/or splintered doors.
  9. Repair any sheet rock damaged walls.
  10. Any touch up paint must have the correct color and sheen. Get the color and sheen in writing from management.
  11. Replace any missing door stops.


  1. All plants and shrubs neatly trimmed and manicured.
  2. All weeds and debris must be removed from rock areas. Rocks must be raked.
  3. Grass mowed and edged.
  4. Driveway, garage and patio must be cleaned. All grease and debris removed.
  5. Please brush outside of house with broom to remove all spider webs, etc.
  6. All pet debris/feces must be removed.
  7. All trash and debris must be removed from property.
  8. Remove all furniture and personal property. If you are leaving anything behind, please get permission in writing from management. Remove any personal property that you installed without management’s written authorization or that was not approved and restore the property back to its original condition.